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We have everything your production needs
Go to Cyc wall

Cyc wall

White, chroma green, and other colors available on request. 26′ diagonal by 12′ high.

Go to Production office

Production office

A separate space for you or your talent to work or kick back and relax.

Go to 24/7 Access

24/7 Access

Truly available whenever you need it! Need to start super early, or go super late?

Go to Other Amenities

Other Amenities

Green room, wifi, coffee, beverages. On site support!

Camera Rental

Any camera you need. We work with local and national providers to get you the best visual equipment.


Select a preconfigured package or contact us to get just the gear you need. We’ll have everything here for your shoot day.

Lighting Grid

Hang your lights, or use stands. Our grid covers almost our entire studio.

Any Crew

Need crew? We work with the best. Our production manager will help design or fill out your teem as needed.

Hey, where are you going? The booking buttons are up there!

Honey, We Got What you Need

Local grown, organic fed, this is where the magic happens
A studio needs to be cost effective and easy to use

You need a studio with available crew, flexible hours, and just the right equipment. With an hourly rate, we're always the right cost.

From production assistant's, to craft services, to production management, to directing, we have just the crew you need. Our studio producer will work with you to make sure you have the personnel you need, whether you're local or traveling from afar. We work groups from all over the world and are ready to be your on the ground production team. Or, if you have your own crew that's great too!

From lights to cameras, we have you covered. We work with the biggest rental house in the area to provide for all your grip, electrical, and camera needs. Need giant HMI's? We've got you covered. Want the latest RED camera? No sweat. We'll bring everything here for you so it's ready when you arrive for your shoot.

And the best thing? Get 50% off your first booking with coupon 'firstbooking'

  • Rent the studio around the clock

  • Book online whenever you need it

  • Web provide support for your shoot no matter the time

  • We partner with Red Star Pictures to provide all lighting and grip gear

Questions? We'd love to chat!